New Kia ad featuring Blake Griffin

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#1 Oct 20, 2011 11:33am
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New Kia ad featuring Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, Daredevil

Blake Griffin. A Kia. A Cannon. Roller Skates. A 15 Foot Hoop..I have no words.
I know they're trying to capitalize on the kid, but this may be taking things a bit too far. 

Gotta give him credit though, the kid has a definate style when it comes to his on screen persona.
Very Deadpan,  I'm rediculous, but that's okay, because I'm Blake Griffin.

Almost like the oldspice guy.

Look at Blake Griffin, now back at me, now back at Blake Griffin.
Blake Griffin is now Diamonds. 

Oct 20, 2011 5:48pm
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I don't like the commercial, because Griffin isn't wearing any visible Clippers gear, and because it's not as funny.  Red and blue colors aren't enough.  He needs to represent the Clippers brand.


Pay the licensing fee to use the Clippers logo and jerseys.


The thing is, since Griffin is doing basketball related moves, that's why he has to wear a Clippers jersey.  It's not like he's just driving a car; he's performing athletic feats.


* The Dwight Howard and LeBron James McDonalds commercial suffers from similar problems.


FULL VERSION: McDonald's Commercial with LeBron James and Dwight Howard


* Hmm, I see the Kobe Bryant McDonalds commercial from 2002 shares the same attribute.


Kobe Bryant McDonald's Commercial


My main problem with that commercial was that I wanted to see Bryant dunk and shoot over the opposing team's kids'.  I wanted to actually see him play basketball with those elementary school kids.


* Ok, Bryant is wearing L.A. Lakers gear in 2001:


Kobe Bryant - 2001 McDonalds Commercial


* Hmm, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird aren't wearing their respective team gear in this commercial:


Larry Bird VS Michael Jordan McDonalds Commercial


Check out what Jordan is wearing, though! 



Well, I still stand behind my reasons for not liking this Griffin commercial.  At least there's some precedent of players wearing their team's jerseys in some commercials.

Oct 25, 2011 3:43pm
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That Jordan/Bird commercial made me smile....

I miss the 90's