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Would u offer Iggy a 5 year deal?
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Olshey and Roeser quotes.
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Reggie Bullock Suspended for Drugs
gilp5 » 06/17/17 » 5:00pm
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Dyce's YouTube of Draft Prospects 2017 Thread.
nuraman00 » 05/5/17 » 10:43am
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Honest question for CP3's apologists
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - LA Clippers to pursue Andre Iguodala in free agency
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Austin Rivers Would Boycott a White House Visit if LA Clippers Won
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Jerry West just might be able to fix the LA Clippers
... s after opting for an early termination clause in his contract. However, the Clippers stiffest competition may be the San Antonio Spurs, with reports that there i ...
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NBA Draft 2017: Point Guard Prospects Clippers Should Consider

Although the Clippers have no draft picks this year, buying into the second round is always a possibility, and the Summer League roster must be filled out. Here are some point guards they should be looking at.

The Clippers don’t have any draft picks this year. However, Doc Rivers has been bringing in players for workouts, and there is a possibility he buys a pick in the mid-late 2nd round for cash (there are usually a few cases of that every year). Even if the Clippers don’t get an actual pick, there are still undrafted free agents, which are especially relevant this year because of the Clippers’ fledgling G-League team, the Agua Caliente Clippers, and the two-way contracts specified in the new CBA. The Clippers are going to be looking at players for Summer League and training camp at the very least, though ideally a youngster or two makes the actual roster.

Point guard is, of course, the position Chris Paul plays, and there isn’t much room for minutes behind him. Lucas has already looked at some veteran point guards to fill the backup role for the team, but re-signing Raymond Felton might be the Clippers’ best bet. David Michineau, the Clippers’ second round pick in the 2016 draft, is probably coming stateside for the 2017 season (G-League, most likely), but there’s a strong possibility that he won’t be ready for NBA minutes yet. In any case, there is no third point guard on the roster, and such a spot is perfect for a prospect. There are 11 point guard prospects on Draft Express’ top 100 list who might be available from the mid-2nd round (pick 40) on, quite a few of whom probably will not be drafted. Here is a quick summary of the list and their statistics, going roughly in their projected draft order.

I posited in my article last week that steals, rebounds, three point makes, and true shooting are the college stats that correlate most highly with NBA success. With that said, here are the best players in these categories from this class (leaving aside de Paula, who is an international player from Brazil).

Top 3 in steals: Monte Morris, Derrick Walton, Nigel Williams-Goss

Top 3 in rebounds: Williams-Goss, Isaiah Briscoe, Walton

Top 3 in three point makes: Walton, Melo Trimble, Frank Mason

Top 3 in TS%: Mason, Walton, Trimble

Derrick Walton is the best point guard prospect that might be available to the Clippers. He’s a leader in all the important categories, while no other player appears in more than two. Walton has already worked out for the Clips, so Doc Rivers clearly has an eye on him, and I can personally vouch for his leadership, personality, and overall playing ability (he spent the last four years at the University of Michigan, as did I). He’s also worked out for a bunch of other teams, and while he’s currently projected to be undrafted, I’d be surprised if that ended up being the case.

Other players of note are Frank Mason, the star senior from the University of Kansas, Melo Trimble, a junior from Maryland, Nigel Williams-Goss (Gonzaga), and Monte Morris (Iowa State). Mason and Trimble are three point gunners and overall scorers who should be able to be sparkplugs off the bench in the NBA, though they might play more as undersized two-guards than true points. Williams-Goss is a bigger point guard who has some scoring and playmaking tools, but he’s not particularly great at anything, and I’m wary of his translation to the NBA. Morris is probably the most traditional of the point guards, and his fantastic steal rate is a great sign. He’s another player who might end up going a bit higher than his projection, as he seems like a good bet to be at least a rotation point guard in the NBA.

Now, here are the bottom players at each of the most important statistical categories:

Bottom 3 steals: Kobi Simmons, Briscoe, TJ Williams

Bottom 3 rebounds: Simmons, Williams, Trimble

Bottom 3 three point makes: Briscoe, Edmond Sumner, Kadeem Allen

Bottom 3 TS%: Sumner, Briscoe, Simmons

Unfortunately, the same players show up repeatedly in these categories. For Simmons, this is mostly due to lack of playing time (I don’t adjust for that), but it’s still unsettling to see a player with such little college experience heading to the professional level. Simmons is the youngest of the potential picks by far, however, so he has theoretical “upside”. While Briscoe has nice rebounding numbers, he was a horribly inefficient college scorer with an anemic steal rate. Such stats really don’t bode well for any potential NBA future, despite his Kentucky pedigree. Sumner has decent overall point guard numbers, but he was the least efficient scorer in the group. He also had an extensive injury history in college, which can be viewed as a good (didn’t play to full capacity) or bad (injury-prone) thing. Scouts like his athleticism quite a bit, though the numbers aren’t very favorable.

Finally, there’s de Paula, an international prospect who had quite a bit of buzz a couple years ago, when it appeared he was going into the draft. He didn’t, and that looks to be a huge mistake on his part, as he’s now projected to go undrafted. De Paula’s numbers are actually quite solid for a young player in a professional league, but the Brazilian league isn’t exactly the highest quality, and he no longer has extreme youth on his side. He’s intriguing, at the least, and some of his highlights are quite impressive (though aren’t they all?).

“Blue-Chip” Stock: Derrick Walton

Solid Prospects: Frank Mason, Monte Morris, Melo Trimble

Avoid: Isaiah Briscoe

LA Daily News
Miller: Jerry West says he's 'crazy,' proves it by joining Clippers

PLAYA VISTA >> Not to be overly sensational, but if this works out, they might want to consider using Jerry West's silhouette as the logo for life itself.

The most famous outline in NBA history and one of the league's predominant championship architects, West has agreed to join a construction project still maddeningly incomplete after nearly five decades.

Clips Nation
Paul George’s Value is Low—Should the Clippers Strike?

The right series of moves could give the Clippers a one-year rental on the star wing.

Earlier today, Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that All-Star wing Paul George has informed the Indiana Pacers that he will leave the team in free agency next summer, and that his preferred destination will be the Los Angeles Lakers:

Sources: All-Star Paul George tells Pacers he plans to leave franchise in 2018 free agency, prefers Lakers.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) June 18, 2017

This puts the Pacers in a precarious situation: if they choose to keep George, they’ll likely lose him for nothing. On the other hand, the Lakers are unlikely to put forth a substantial offer because they believe that they can simply sign George next summer without losing any assets. Most other teams are in the same boat—they won’t want to give up prospects or picks for a rental.

That leaves just a small group of teams that might be willing to consider giving something up for George: contenders who both believe that he will help push their team to the next level, and that one year of success will convince George to re-sign long-term next summer. One such team could be the L.A. Clippers. Per Woj, Indiana has already begun engaging teams on the “rental market”:

Sources: Indiana's Kevin Pritchard engaging teams on trading Paul George, but so far, not Lakers. There's a rental market, but how robust?

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) June 18, 2017

The Clippers (shockingly) don’t have tons of assets to pull off such a trade, even with George’s reduced value. They certainly wouldn’t be able to put together a fair value offer for George, but the circumstances may have opened a door.

With Paul, Griffin, and Redick entering free agency, the Clippers don’t have a lot to offer. Their only roster piece with significant value is All-NBA center DeAndre Jordan. It actually seems reasonable, in this scenario, that Jordan would be enough to make this happen. Unfortunately, the Pacers seem unlikely to have interest. They’ll be starting a rebuild post-George, and their main building block is 21-year-old center Myles Turner. Adding a 29-year-old center on a one-year deal would be simply unappealing.

The value is there, but the fit isn’t. That means it’s time to dive down the rabbit hole of NBA fandom: three-team trade scenarios.

Reports have indicated that the Phoenix Suns could be involved in talks to facilitate a George deal, and they make some intriguing sense for the Clippers. Phoenix owns the 4th overall pick, which would be a great return for the Pacers to begin their rebuild with. The Suns also have Tyson Chandler, a suitable downgrade at center to replace Jordan on the Clippers. Chandler, who is already 34 and owed $26.6 million over the next two season, is nothing more than a salary dump for the Suns. For the Clippers, however, he is a former Chris Paul teammate who plays a similar style to Jordan.

While Phoenix’s cooperation would be nice, it just doesn’t seem like this deal is an acceptable outcome for them. Shedding Chandler’s contract is nice, but as one of the worst teams in the league, they would be foolish to deal the 4th overall pick for a 29-year-old center who would likely leave in free agency after one year.

This isn’t to say that DeAndre Jordan doesn’t have value—just that his value varies from team to team. The Pacers and Suns are two teams that have practically no use for Jordan. Keeping in mind that any Jordan deal should land the Clippers a top-10 pick to then give to the Pacers, the field of teams to choose from is limited. The Celtics are a good team that could use Jordan, but if they’re unwilling to rent George, they wouldn’t want to rent Jordan—and the third pick is more valuable than DJ. The Dallas Mavericks are always seeking to quickly re-load instead of start over, but that relationship has obviously soured.

Who else in the top 10 would have interest in Jordan (and a realistic shot at re-signing him)? The Minnesota Timberwolves. They’re a rising team with a defensive-minded coach (Tom Thibodeau) and a star big in Karl-Anthony Towns who would benefit from a veteran center to help with defense, rebounding, and match-ups against bigger, bruising post players. Plus, they have the talent on the roster to make a playoff push and give themselves a shot at retaining Jordan next summer.

Here’s my convoluted idea: the Clippers move Jordan to the Timberwolves for Cole Aldrich and the 7th overall pick. This would give them a rather large trade exception for the difference between Jordan and Aldrich’s salary, which they could then use to absorb Tyson Chandler in a salary dump (it could also all be done at once in a three-team trade). To add guard depth, the Clippers could also give the Suns Jamal Crawford for Brandon Knight. After a bad season and facing Knight’s large contract and a logjam at guard, the Suns are looking to get rid of Knight.

This would set the Clippers up with the 7th overall pick to use as the centerpiece of a George package, and Tyson Chandler and Cole Aldrich to play the center position as Jordan replacements. A package of Austin Rivers, Wesley Johnson, and the 7th pick would make salaries match for George to return to the Clippers, and allow the Pacers to select a coveted prospect to pair with Myles Turner. At the 7th pick, Indiana would be able to select among forwards like Jonathan Isaac and Lauri Markkanen, or guards Malik Monk and Dennis Smith Jr.

Would a top-10 pick and Austin Rivers be enough for the Pacers? Maybe the Clippers would have to include a future first-round pick, or perhaps they’ll need to find a workable deal with a different team to provide a better pick in this year’s draft.

Still, this is one way that some creativity could revamp the Clippers’ roster this summer.

LATimes Clipper News
The top five picks in the NBA draft are already a certainty

The consensus from many NBA executives is that the players who’ll be taken with the top five picks in Thursday’s NBA draft are a foregone conclusion.

It’s the order in which these one-and-done collegiate players will be selected that remains open for debate.

Except that all the executives, who...

LA Daily News
Heisler: Lakers still look fixated on Lonzo Ball, for better and worse

To Ball or not to Ball? For the Lakers, that is the question.

Unfortunately for Lonzo and his father, LaVar, who announced the Lakers are their best fit, they're not running the draft. Magic Johnson is and he has questions about Lonzo, not to mention the three-ring circus around him with LaVar as ringmaster.

LA Daily News
Lakers' Jordan Clarkson believes he can co-exist with No. 2 pick and D'Angelo Russell

CORONA - A whirlwind of uncertainty has hovered over Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson this offseason. He is spending the months before his fourth NBA season training for a role that remains undefined for a team that might or might not keep him.

The Lakers are mulling who to select with their No.

LA Daily News
Lonzo Ball thanks his father in letter to Players' Tribune

Lonzo Ball praised his controversial father, LaVar Ball, in a letter to the Players' Tribune on Friday. The Father's Day tribute addressed why many of the same attributes that have sparked criticism of LaVar in the media have been a positive influence on Lonzo. The former UCLA point guard published the letter two days after a